Week 12

November 15

Session recording

Week 12, November 15

A very special guest!

We’ll be starting off today with a guest lecture:

Talia Cotton is an award-winning designer, coder, and educator practicing at the intersection of branding and technology. She worked at the storied design firm Pentagram and has had clients like Google, The New York Times, the Gates Foundation, and MIT—before founding her own studio, Cotton, earlier this year. She’s also an alumnus of Parsons and now teaches here, as well.

Let’s welcome Talia to our class! We’ll do a short Q &A after her talk, so please have some questions ready.

Sketch(…ing in code) review

With our remaining time today, we will break into groups to look at your Project 3: Binding sketches code:

  1. Hao, JC, Kirsten, Rodrigo, Shaoran, Wenny

  2. Zil, Alexis, Cristina, Kritika, Hannah, Shaurya

  3. Sarah, Xinyi, Lucy, Emily, Vicky, Sachi

  4. Vera, Rebecca, Dhruvil, Bhroovi, Hana, Angelica, Sabrina

Briefly take us through your concept and into your typographic directions. To speed this up, have three tabs ready with each stylesheet already commented/toggled!

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