Week 2

September 6

Session recording

Week 2, September 6

Reading discussion

We’ll discuss our two readings from last week, to help set the tone for our first unit:

Unit 1 reading synthesis

Further reading

Throughout this first unit, you are also expected to complete these additional readings at your own pace. (Some are lengthy. Pace yourself.) While we won’t have an in-class discussion, they are to serve as additional reference and fodder for your project:

Our first project

Let’s discuss the project and its requirements in detail:

Project 1, Manuscript

Getting into typography

We’re going to go through a quick history of typography, and what to look for as you begin to work with type:

It’s all about type

An exercise in type hierarchy

We’ll do a quick walkthrough of Figma (you should have already made accounts). Everybody should join our team, via this invite link:

Typography & Interaction, 2023–24

And you can follow along in our design file for today:

Class demo

A quick overview of what we’ll try to through:

For next week