Week 9

October 25

Session recording

Week 9, October 25

Project reviews

We’ll begin again today by looking at your Project 2: Spread pair programming progress from last week. Here are our groups:

  1. Sachi/Shaurya, Xinyi/Zil, Dhruvil/Hana

  2. JC/Vera, Bhroovi/Rebecca, Cristina/Shaoran

  3. Lucy/Vicky, Emily/Hannah, Hao/Sarah/Wenny

  4. Angelica/Sabrina, Alexis/Rodrigo, Kritika/Kirsten

We’ve been rushed before, so we’re just going to commit the whole first half to this. That gives us about 30 minutes per table, and 10 minutes per team.

You know the drill. Today, let’s focus on your in-progress coded work—start us off with a brief background, show us mobile, then onto desktop.


Building on our knowledge of flexbox, we’ll take a look its spiritual continuation in grid:

And (CSS) grid

Let’s try it out

We‘ve made a small demo repo today:


And a short agenda:

For next week